Digital Dentures in South Florida

Dr. Dixon is so excited about the technology available to create digitally designed dentures! This field in dentistry is just getting started, and Dr. Camille Dixon is thrilled to share the benefits of digitally designed dentures with you. Keep reading below for more information and contact us if you think a digitally designed denture is the right option for you!

The Most Customizable Denture Available

We no longer have to accept the prefabricated shape and size of pre-made denture teeth. When conventional dentures are made, the patient and dentist select the size and shape of the teeth using pre-made, stock, denture teeth. These teeth can only be customized with tooth arrangement, not really changing the shape, length or size of the tooth.

With digitally designed dentures, we can make your tooth any shape or size you like, as well as create any arrangement you desire or prefer. This is the most customizable denture available!

Try-In Dentures That You Can Wear

With conventional dentures, you “try them in” and you are only given a few minutes to determine if they are right for you. Also, with conventional dentures, you are not able to chew and function with them to determine if the fit and placement of the teeth suit your needs.

Not so with digital dentures! When Dr. Dixon makes you a digital denture, you will receive a preliminary try-in denture that you can wear and function with, just like a test run. You can take home your try-in denture, speak with it, chew with it, see what your family or loved ones think. Then you give us your feedback, we gather your information, and we can easily make any adjustments before your final denture is milled with using CAD/CAM technology.

The Most Precise Fit

At Dixon and Dixon, our digital dentures are milled using the Ivoclar’s PrograMill PM7 machine. The denture base material, IvoBase, is of the highest impact quality and is free of permeability and air bubbles.

The fit of the denture base is highly accurate and precise. We do not have to worry about processing errors or shrinkage of materials like with conventional acrylic dentures.

And because of this high quality, dense material, your denture will not absorb odors and stains like conventional dentures.

Replacement Dentures Within 48 Hours

This feature is so amazing! If your digital denture is lost, we can have the exact denture created and milled for you within 48 hours. When you purchase your digital denture, your denture design and measurements are stored on a computer file. We will also give you a copy of this computer file. This is such an excellent service for digital dentures!

Also, if you would like us to mill a spare denture at the same time we make your new digital denture, we can do this for a nominal fee. It’s a great option to have a back-up or spare denture in case something happens to your denture.

 With conventional dentures, we have to repeat the whole fabrication process if your denture is lost. This requires multiple appointments and usually weeks to fabricate the replacement denture. And the replacement denture is just a guess as to what you had and enjoyed with your previous denture. This can cause much stress, added expense and the embarrassment of being without your teeth. This is not the case with digital dentures!

Do You Love Your Existing Denture and Would Like a Duplicate?

What would happen if you somehow lost or broke your existing denture? It is very common for a denture to get lost when someone is having a medical emergency or during a hospital stay.

If you have an existing denture and would like a spare that is the same shape, fit and tooth size of your current denture, we can digitally make you a duplicate denture. This denture will be the most accurate fit and copy of your existing denture. Why wait until an emergency has happened? Be proactive and get a spare denture today that will be as close to the denture you currently have and love!

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