Spare and Duplicate Dentures

We never anticipate an emergency or an accident to happen, but unfortunately, they do. If you have dentures and live in the Ft. Lauderdale area, we can help you plan ahead for unforeseen dental emergencies and denture emergencies before they disrupt your life.

Common Reasons for a Spare or Duplicate Denture

  • An unexpected trip to the emergency room
  • A stay in the hospital
  • A stomach illness on a cruise or a boat
  • A dropped denture that breaks, making it unwearable 
  • A misplaced denture or one that gets accidentally thrown away
  • A lost set of dentures in a nursing home or a memory care center

These are the most common ways dentures get lost. We usually don’t think about what we would do or what would happen in these situations until it is too late. 

Denture Replacement in Ft. Lauderdale

And when we find ourselves in this bad situation, it can take many dental appointments to have a new denture made. New impressions must be taken, new bite records, many denture try-ins and then finally, the new denture. 

The old process of making a replacement denture can take weeks to complete, in the meantime, you or your loved one are without any teeth! Also, the dentist who makes your new denture does not have a record of your old denture and must start from scratch. 

The shape, the look, and position of your new denture teeth may not be the same. They most likely will not fit like the denture you were comfortable and familiar with. The new denture can take many months to get used to, or you may never be happy with the fit and appearance at all!

Improved Denture Replacement

You don't have to wait anymore! Now, Dr. Dixon can make you a spare or duplicate denture typically in just two appointments, and sometimes without the need of taking impressions. If you or your loved one currently wear a denture, having a back-up or spare denture can be a godsend if yours gets lost or broken. 

Using the latest in digital technology and denture design, Dr. Camille Dixon can make you a new denture that can be a clone of what you currently wear.

And if you want your existing denture refreshed, such as brighter teeth or less worn teeth, that can be accomplished too! Whether you want a lot of changes, just a few, or even none, a new denture can be made to get you that result! 

Getting a Digital Spare Denture

We now have the technology that can easily duplicate and create a spare denture for you! Your new denture can be a clone of your existing denture. We can create the same denture that will be just like your existing one. And if you are not happy with your existing denture, we can make any changes or adjustments into your new digital denture!

Why Wait for a Denture Emergency to Happen? 

Be proactive and get that new or spare denture you have always wanted!  Call the dental office of Drs. Dixon and Dixon in Ft. Lauderdale today for a complimentary consultation and make an appointment.

Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

If you have a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other cognitive changes, life can be stressful for the patient, their family, and the caregivers. Whether your loved one resides at home, in an assisted living facility, or a memory care center, their well-being is always on our mind.

Over the last decade, Dr. Dixon has worked with hundreds of patients with these issues. She has been able to see what happens to their oral health and the struggles of replacing dentures should they get lost in this environment.

Many of these patients currently wear dentures that they have had for several years, if not decades. Most likely, they got their dentures before there were changes to the brain. All denture wearers develop muscle memory and familiarity with their current dentures.

You may not realize it, but the facial muscles and the tongue are always involved with helping to stabilize and keeping the dentures in place, especially the lower denture. This becomes obvious after someone has a stroke. Prior to the stroke, there was no problem with the way someone’s dentures fit and the way they functioned with them. Then, after the stroke and there is facial paralysis, all of the sudden the dentures are loose, or they do not work like they used to. Nothing changed to the dentures or the underlying bone, but the use of the facial muscles and the tongue have been compromised from the stroke, resulting in the dentures not working properly or appearing loose.

Reasons to get a Clone and Spare Denture for Patients with Dementia

When a patient with dementia loses their dentures, the success rate of the patient being able to adapt and function with the new dentures is very low. And that is if new dentures can even be made at all! To make new dentures, a level of cooperation and the ability to follow commands is required. This is not possible with many patients that have Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Below is the usual scenario of what happens when dentures are lost with a patient that has dementia:

  • Family is upset with caregivers or facility about how the dentures got lost
  • Diet must be downgraded to softer foods
  • The patient may lose weight due to not having teeth or not liking pureed foods
  • Decline in overall health due to weight loss and lack of nutrition
  • Trouble finding a dentist that will come to the facility or home as it can be difficult for the patient to leave their environment and go out for appointments
  • The patient is without teeth for usually 4-6 weeks
  • Many appointments are needed to have new dentures made if the patient is even cooperative for impressions and bite records
  • If new dentures cannot be made, the patient is forever without teeth
  • If new dentures can be made, the patient cannot get used to the new teeth because they haven’t had teeth in several months and they are not able to mentally acclimate to the new dentures
  • New dentures get lost within the first six months

Be Pro-Active and get a Clone/Spare Denture Now!

Before your loved one’s dentures get lost, Dr. Dixon can make a digital clone and duplicate a set of their existing dentures. That way, if the emergency happens, your loved one will not suffer and be without teeth and will have exactly what they were comfortable and familiar with. This technology is truly a gamechanger in this environment. For more information, call Drs. Dixon and Dixon in Fort Lauderdale today!