We would like to welcome you to our practice! We are happy you decided to visit Drs. Dixon and Dixon in Fort Lauderdale to help you with your dental needs. Whether you have made an appointment for a dental cleaning, have a dental emergency, or would like a 2nd opinion, we are glad you found us!

Patient Forms

We would like to get to know you and will need some information. Feel free to download our patient information and health history form from our website. If you are not able to complete this form in advance, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to complete this form.

Meet the Doctor and Team

Once you complete all of your paperwork, you will be greeted by one of our team members and seated in the dental chair. At this time, Dr. Dixon will review your medical history and address your dental concerns. Dr. Dixon will also take a look in your mouth and determine if and what type of dental x-rays are needed for you.

Examination and X-Rays

To provide a complete examination, we will need to either take dental x-rays or review the ones you may have from a previous examination. If you do have current x-rays from another office, please request them to be sent to our office before your exam. Dr. Dixon will then examine your teeth and gums and discuss your dental concerns with you.


If you are scheduled with the dental hygienist, Dr. Dixon will prescribe the appropriate dental cleaning for you. Everyone’s oral hygiene and gum condition are different. The amount of plaque build-up and tartar on your teeth, its location, and the health of your gums will determine the proper cleaning or gum therapy for you.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Thank you for choosing Drs. Dixon and Dixon in Fort Lauderdale. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Whether it’s about your dental insurance or information on services we provide, give us a call at (954) 523-8788.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you!